Outdoor and indoor newspaper box modified for the new tabloid format

It’s often said that simple is better but when we were tasked with developing a new newspaper box for Adresseavisen, we confirmed once again that simple can also turn out to be quite complicated.

The Assignment

If you live in Trøndelag and are over the age of 40, chances are good that you’ll remember the old “broadsheet”, Adresseavisen newspaper. Yes, the one that indeed took up the whole of the kitchen table and then some – and that used to be delivered to the door in a huge grey newspaper box/tube.

Adresseavisen changed to tabloid format in 2007. At the time, 50,000 households would also get a new newspaper box that was modified for a new newspaper format and not least: a population that was far more aware of design.

The Framti team won the announced design competition but that was really only the point at which the real work started. In addition to the design, we were to be responsible for the entire product development: From engineering and material selection to moulding, production, assembly and packaging.

The Challenge

Adresseavisen had a list of requirements for the new box: It should have a discreet and attractive design so that newspaper subscribers would actually choose to have it mounted on the wall of their house. Furthermore, it should be able to withstand the elements, be easy to install and be designed so that the courier could deliver the newspaper to the box quickly and efficiently.

Plus, everything had to be ready well in advance of the big launch date for the new tabloid newspaper.

The Solution

The newspaper box was eventually designed in a transparent polycarbonate. It’s a type of recyclable plastic but can also withstand being exposed to the Trøndelag climate over time and that also tolerates UV radiation well. There were drainage holes at the end and it was attached with screws, with the option of installation in different ways.

Adresseavisen was also concerned about HSE and the working conditions of the production workers. We appreciate being looked at in detail and took the client with us seen to the production premises in Taiwan so that they could see the working conditions with their own eyes.

Sustainability was, is and remains an important keyword – for both ourselves and for the client. In order for it to become something more than just an empty buzzword, we had to hit the bullseye for the assignment – namely the creation of a clean and practical design that endures.

So yes, we are quite proud of the fact that most people still have the same newspaper box mounted on the wall of their house today as the one they got 15 years ago – our interpretation of that is as a pass!

«Framti was both fast and agile – and also had the experience needed to get the job done on time. It contributed to us being able to reach the finish line and launch with a product that we’re still proud of.»

Morten Sivertsen, tidligere leder for Adressa Distribusjon.