Reusable packaging for everyday products.

An ordinary home throws away an enormous amount of packaging in one year. Orkla wanted to do something about this and has developed a circular service called Re(fill) in collaboration with two other partners. They joined Framti for technical development and the industrialisation of reusable containers for the service.

The Assignment

Re(fill) is part of the Orkla green initiative, for which they have now launched a circular service for the refill of detergents – that are delivered right to your door. Yes, a bit like the milkman from the old days, really.

The reusable containers themselves were designed by From Us With Love and we were commissioned to develop and industrialise the technological solutions.

The Challenge

In many ways, this was a dream project for us, it was also what you’d call bit of a hassle. We probably spent the most time on the pouring spout. For this, it was crucial to find the right angle to avoid spillage, in addition to ensuring that requirement for the spout to be stable was met, so that it didn’t fall into the bottle, plus it had to be designed so that it was impossible for it to be reassembled incorrectly after washing. As part of the collaboration, we also had to create an aeration system to ensure that the product flows well regardless of consistency.

We also had to spend a lot of time finding the right materials that fit together, so that they could actually be produced. The containers are made of seven different components that all had to be recyclable, preferably in the same grinder and this naturally had an impact on the choice of materials.

The Solution

Orkla is a large and experienced customer and our contact with them was based on extensive knowledge and understanding – also in our field of expertise. We had a very good collaboration and we believe that it was our joint expertise that was the key to the good way in which we achieved our goal and resolved the challenges that arose.