Roth QuickBox®


Roth North Europe


A watertight wall box for plumbing installations

There are some products that should not be noticed but are nevertheless worth their weight in gold. One example is the plumbing success story, Roth QuickBox®.

The Assignment

The team at Framti has many years’ experience in developing a number of innovative products for plumbing giant Roth – and several of them have become great success stories.

This time, we were tasked with creating a watertight wall box that was both faster and easier to install than others on the market. Naturally without compromising on quality. The sort of task that suits us down to the ground.

The Challenge

Luckily, in the Nordic countries we have strict standards for wet room and all plumbing installation products must undergo extensive testing in order to be approved. A water leak rapidly turns into major consequences and therefore the requirements that we set for production tools, material quality and production tolerance are also extremely high.

Every component and every finished product must be entirely free of deviations and there is a requirement for materials to also be able to withstand large fluctuations in temperature without degrading/changing.

In our work with QuickBox®, we were able to use all our expertise and broad experience to find out how to assemble thermoplastics, metal and gaskets – and to get it sealed, robust, durable and at the lowest possible cost.

The Solution

For this project, it was a great advantage that we control and can secure the entire value chain – from idea to finished product.

We spent a lot of time testing before we came up with the solutions, which include screw holes on all four sides to make it possible to mount it in all directions. The box is produced in transparent, fully moulded polycarbonate, which makes it easy to see if the mounting is correct.

The new sealing connection nipple was also a hard nut to crack. Four lined pipe-to-toggle clamps prevent the lined pipes from being inserted too far in and are also designed so that the lined pipe cannot fall out, so that it meets the requirements according to the wet room standards.

In reality, what appears to be a simple gadget is actually a very complex product in which there is no room for error.

And in this case, dare we say that it is precisely just that – flawless. So far, there have been more than five million installations of QuickBox® conducted in the Nordic region – and without a single leak claim.

«Framti has been the perfect match for Roth North Europe for many years. Putting our ideas and expertise in development and production together has enabled us to create many innovative products for the Nordic market that deliver results.”»

Bo Herbst-Nielsen, Group Product Manager, Roth North Europe A/S