People of Framti

We live for creating value for our clients. The team at Framti love helping to get innovative products to see the light of day and every day work to deliver the best, most efficient and most cost-effective production solutions.

Anders Skjærvik

Chairman of the Board / Partner / Senior Product Developer
+47 404 13 725

Roar Petersen

Board member / Partner / Production Manager
+47 404 03 046

Sverre Steensen

Kristin Lysholm

Accounting Manager

Anders Flaten

Senior Product Developer

Tore A. Østerlie

Marketing & Communications

Steve Conlan

Senior Software Developer

Aleksei Aniskin

Senior Software Developer

Daniel Norcott

Senior Electronics Designer

Ed Robbins

Senior Software Developer

Serge Gale

Senior Software Developer

Petter Wiig Aune

Senior Product Designer

Marius Sveen

Senior Product Developer

Karl Otto Merz

Senior Product Developer

Bjørnar Eriksen

Test & Production Engineer

Tony Wen

Facility Manager of Asia Operations

Lily Young

Logistics Manager of Asia Operations

Slava Chernysh

Head of R&D Eastern Europe