Ed Robbins

Senior Software Developer

What I want to create in the future

Internet of Things (IoT) systems, particularly for assisted living. Products that directly help improve peoples lives and the environment.

What I have created

Firmware for Safedrive series of devices, the worlds first provably correct decompiler, robotic control systems for the world’s largest experimental fusion reactor (the Joint European Torus), tooling deployed by Blackberry’s Security Research Group, a bespoke Linux Operating System for a series of bomb disposal robots and memory safety of Internet of Things (IoT) Operating Systems for Raytheon UK.

Why I work in Framti

Framti provides a unique environment in which to take ideas all the way through the product creation process. We are a small and fast moving team with the skills and experience to handle everything: design concepts, prototypes, electronics, mass production, firmware, backend software, frontend software, apps, payment systems, sensor networks etc. Overall Framti is an exciting place to be.